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Ocean Cay Drive in Key Largo homes for sale

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Ocean Cay Drive in Key Largo

With ocean side views and canal dockage Ocean Cay Drive in Key Largo, Florida is a hidden gem. With prices starting at $3.9m and rising up to $6.9M there are a few homes (as of 7/2017) that would be receptive to an offer. And with views link this, and a canal on the other side of the street, who could argue?

I don’t see many listings online, why?

Many of these homes do not end up being listed on the MLS for sale, but are actually sold before a listing on the MLS ever takes place. We are intrinsically familiar with what is moving within this neighborhood and where it is priced. We know which owners are interested in offers, which owners might consider offers, and which homes are absolutely not for sale.

How will I know if I am interested?

We have photos and videos we are authorized to share of homes on Ocean Cay Drive in Key Largo with qualified buyers, but have been asked not to post them online. We respect the confidentiality of these homes, just as we will respect your confidentiality.

Who do I call to find them?

Shy Martin is my go-to person for information relating to Luxury Property from Ocean Cay to Key Colony Beach Visit her website here 

you are welcome to call or email John Gallant directly to discuss. (305) 587-3663.